Simple Tips to grow your Business in “WHATSAPP Business Groups”


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Of late, I see messages going to and fro in many business groups with more on featuring their own products. But the reason that made me to write this post is because there was a little cry in one of the groups today that “Likes are more but Purchases are less”.
Okay! Has anyone thought that posting your products with a small group of 50 to 100 people will keep fetching you a long term business? Do you think a Whatsapp business group can survive more than a year? I would say “A BIG NO” to this kind of thought. Why because, the people in the group will be saturated of money and the need. Only when the need arises, there will be an urge to purchase the products. If there is no “Need” in the customer side, then no point in shouting with high quality Megaphones.
And how long the same group of people can buy your products unless it is really necessary? If your product comes under a luxury category and not under essentials or necessary category then the chances of buying your product will reduce by 70%. Please think on this perspective my dear readers. I Hope everyone are educated enough to understand what I’m trying to convey.


So what is the SOLUTION will be the next question that may arise in your mind. Am I right?

Before going to the solution, let me ask you few questions that may trigger your mind.
Answer YES/NO to yourself.

  1. Do you have a message, product, service or offer that you want to share to the masses?
  2. Do you feel pain of having less customers and profits than you will desire?
  3. Are you frustrated that your competitors are getting more business and success when they are less deserving than you?
  4. Are you just confused or even feeling clueless as to which factor are you missing when you are doing everything right?
  5. Are you feeling terrible because even with the correct idea, your business is not growing as you had expected?
  6. Are you helpless, because your work is keeping you so busy that you’re unable to invest the time and effort required to overcome all these issues?
  7. And are you feeling forced to chase after currency rather when you truly would rather be investing your time and energy into your legacy and fortune?
  8. Do you want to build your business in way where you have high profits and low risk and lots of freedom?
    The above questions are from Dr Maharaja SivaSubramanian N website and from “Grow your Biz programs“. He has been through all of them and solved through them too. Hence I would like to share with you details that would really make you think wise and act better.

So in case of you want to know the answer for the above questions, follow my consecutive posts which will give you the solutions one by one to all your questions.

But I don’t want to leave you free handed as you have taken pains to come to my site and read this article. So as a take away for today I would like to offer you small techniques that is mentioned below.
These are very simple and easy techniques where most of you might be doing still many will fail to do in a regular basis due to lack of time or due to laziness. For people who are not aware of these techniques, make sure you follow them every day and in every post.


1. While you are posting your products in a Whatsapp group, see to that you are doing it in a group which is only dedicated for business. Understand the purpose of the group before posting it. Even before your share a forward message kindly have in mind the intention of the group and post. Because many people don’t know where they are posting and tend to post in all the groups that they are member of.
2. While posting your products put it with a clear description and have a template every time and follow it. Because people will like when everything is clear and clean, but they may end up in dislike when everything is a mess.
3. Do not overburden your customers or audience with too many posts per day. It is kind of boredom at some point and may make them think hard on you. Please avoid over doing.
4. Keep it simple and always leave a line at the bottom of the description saying “Kindly share it with your friends if you think it may benefit them”. This is a good strategy where 1 in 10 will tend to forward to their own friends circle if they find some value in your products.
5. Always ensure to maintain the quality of your products, be it small or big but name is important in every business.
6. If you are doing a small scale business, do not keep higher profits and end up in loss. Always have a profit percentage fixed on every business. For example: If you are selling a product for 100 INR and fixing your profit percentage as 20% then you should have bought the product from the wholesaler for 80 INR. Do not go for random prices because at one point it will take you to loss. It’s always advisable to work on percentage than fixing random prices.

Hence these are the quick and easy tips that anyone and everyone can follow.
Follow my blogs to know more about other marketing techniques in the coming days.
I have a lot more things for you in store. Good luck to all business entrepreneurs for reading my blog. Hope it will be useful for you.

Thanks to my Strategic partner & Marketing advisor – Dr.Maharaja Sivasubramanian N
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