How I got my website done and what I got in the special package

To all those who have been asking me about my website charges and the process, I would like to answer it here so that it reaches a lot others who also have the same questions in their mind.

It took Rs 5515 for me for this website where I have also been trained to handle my website on my own. Which means I shall update my website regularly as easy as posting an update in Facebook or whatsapp. Thanks to Dr Maharaja SivaSubramanian N for giving me such a special package. Yes, he has given me the package for Rs 5515 which actually costs more than 30,000Rs in normal days. I believe this offer is going to be for another week or maximum 2 weeks.

So those who would like to avail this offer shall contact him directly on his mobile number 9841118294 or email him at

What I got in this package :

1) My website domain registration and hosting
2) A couple of hours of Blogging training so that I shall handle my website on my own
3) Access to online training for 1 year

MC Nandhini Aravindan