Business Strategy – Action oriented people and their attempt to read the blogs completely!


Well, according to a survey only people who are Action Oriented will even take pains to click the link given in any blog for that matter.
And people who are serious with their success will take the next step of reading the entire blog.
As it is time consuming some people will not even make an attempt to even read the first half of the post which is sent in whatsapp or given in any social media forum. In order to read the second half, bloggers usually will provide the link so as to see how many of them make an attempt to click it to know the other half of the blog which is where they have the actual content. This is a general marketing strategy followed by all the bloggers.
But I’m really happy that you all have taken first two steps to reach your success line by reading my first blog on
“Simple tips to grow your Business in “WHATSAPP Business Groups””

Happy and proud about you all, as your are really serious about your business and action oriented too… !! (Y) 🙂

Well to all the ladies/men out there, don’t just stop yourself by reading the blog but try to implement it in your business which is when you will see the real success.
I have lot of marketing strategies waiting in store for you to be disclosed. Also I will bring in many new concepts for you all to grow your business and make it more revenue generating.

Will write blogs to educate you all in the forthcoming days whatever I have learnt by paying hefty amounts from different marketing trainings. I’m trying to share it with you all for free of cost considering that you are all my kith and kins (friends and relatives) with a single moto
“Let’s grow together by helping each other”.


And I am doing this under the guidance of my strategic consultant and marketing adviser Dr.Maharaja Sivasubramanian N.
In case if any of you are interested In learning the NEW marketing techniques to reach your goals faster, then let me know I shall put you through him.

Thanks in advance!