Wedding Checklist

Wedding Checklist

Wedding Bells

A Wedding Checklist is mandatory for any event to make certain that no detail has been missed and that things are being taken care/arranged at the micro level.

In India, especially in a city like Chennai, finding a perfect venue is a task one should plan before 3 to 4 months or at least as soon as the Date of wedding is fixed. Nowadays rush hour weddings are getting popular. There is no ample time to decide what is needed and no time to even pre-plan things for a wedding. Hence we have come up with a checklist for Rush hour wedding were we have only limited months (e.g.: 3 to 4 months) to plan the entire wedding.

Pointers to Remember:

Plan your Budget and decide how much to spend, based on your families’ contributions and your own. Reserve your date and venues. Decide whether to have separate locations for the wedding ceremony and reception by ensuring the time between these two ceremonies are ample to make all the arrangements.

It’s better to have a checklist like the below one and tick mark as and when the task is completed. Take few extra print outs of the same and share it with your close family members to keep all of them in the same page. Ensure they do the delegated works as per the assigned tasks and update it respectively.

Wedding Checklist:

Booking the following is Mandatory as a first thing:

  • Venue (for engagement, Sangeet, Wedding and Reception)
  • Caterer
  • Decorator

Vendor Lists:

  • Wedding card Printers – Choose the wedding invitation cards according to your preference
  • Caterer – Look for a caterer who is up to your budget and delivers best varieties with good quality.
  • Musicians – Mridangam and Nathaswaram
  • Emcee – Entertainers mainly for Sangeet & Reception.
  • Book a Master of ceremony if it is a Christian wedding or priest for a Hindu wedding
  • Photographers & Videographers
  • DJs – Dance Floor and lights
  • Live Music band – Light Music
  • Mehendi artist
  • Make-up artist for Bride
  • Hair Stylist for Bride
  • Accommodation (hotel/guest house/resort/) for outstation guests
  • Wedding band (Optional)
  • Decorators – Designing wedding theme
  • Beauty Parlor/Saloon for grooming

The following things are to be made ready before couple of months:

  • Finalize the menu with the caterer and Decoration theme with the decorator
  • Filled an application for registering the marriage in the registry office.
  • Shopping for Sangeet/reception/wedding return gifts
  • Send invitations to all the guests along with a route map (can be given in the back of the invitation) to help them in finding the exact venue.
  • Book Transportation Vehicles (Cabs/Vans/Bus/Train/Flight) if necessary for the guests
  • Send your event schedule/agenda to all the vendors given in the list above. Giving them a first draft allows ample time for tweaks and opinion.
  • Do the booking for Honeymoon, the required arrangements for your Passports and Visa (optional)
  • Choosing attires – A bigger section of time should be allotted for this. As costumes play a major role for the Bride and Bridegroom
  • Purchasing clothes for first circle of relatives is again a time consuming job which needs to be well-planned
  • Fix an appointment with Beauty Parlor/Saloon for grooming like Hair cut, Manicure, pedicure, facial, head massage etc. (Now there are bridal packages available in parlors – make sure you choose the best parlor in the city that comes within your budget)
  • Bride and her family has to make sure of all the bridal Jewelry are kept ready for every ceremony
  • Bride has to check on the costumes and look for jewels that match every occasion. See if you want to hire it from outside or inform your beautician to bring the ones that matches your attire.
  • Fix an appointment with the make-up artist for pre-Bridal make up to ensure that everything goes well on the day of Sangeet, Reception, wedding.
  • Plan for a pre-wedding photo shoot, if desired. Discuss with your photographer on the same to get a better idea on adding some creative stuffs. Reserve a date. Decide if it is going to be an indoor or outdoor shoots. Choose the best beach resort or a hotel for the shoot.

The following things are to be made ready before a month:

  • Get in touch with all your vendors and pay them the necessary advance. Without any delay make a note of all advance payment and expenses then and there in the checklist
  • Confirm final guest list by taking RSVP from all your guest so you may know a approximate head count
  • Finalize shopping for wedding day
  • Book security personals/Bouncers if necessary if there is a presence of some VIPs for any of the occasions
  • Plan wedding hall layout and seating arrangements with the concerned person in the respective venues
  • Get your hair cut and necessary grooming done which is very much essential to look stunning on the D-Day
  • As planned with your photographer, go for the Pre-wedding photo shoot after grooming is done.
  • Appoint three or four educated well mannered security Guards to take care of the escorting jobs and other detailing of taking care of the venue related problem like parking, water availability, vendor management etc.
  • Make sure that the venues are backed up with power generators to manage the power outages, if any.

A week before the wedding:

  • Reconfirm arrival times with vendors and make a note of their arrival sequence and time at the venue.
  • Delegate the tasks to respective people. Choose someone to make your dresses, someone to carry your things, someone to be in charge of gifts, and someone to be the point of contact for each vendor.
  • Pick up your dresses or make arrangements for a delivery. Take a trial of wearing all the attires and make sure it perfectly fits you to avoid last minute chaos.
  • Inform about agenda of events to your friends and first circle relatives.
  • Check in one last time with the photographer/Videographer.
  • Put tips in envelopes to be handed out at the event which may required for many places.
  • Make a note of all payments that needs to be settled to the respective vendors at the end of the event and keep it ready in envelopes by naming them accordingly.

A day before the wedding:

  • Hit your parlor and get a spa, massage and final beauty treatment of the bridal package, if taken any or take an individual treatment if not hired a package.
  • Main thing that you (Bride and Bride groom) need to bear in mind is to have a good amount of sleep which is going to be your beauty sleep. Ensure to have at least 8 hours of sleep to get the glow in face and remove the tiresome from your body.
  • Hand the payment envelopes to the respective person from your close relatives who are going to handle the entire budget dealing with the vendors and ensure he/she makes a note of every payment.
  • Keep excess amount of cash for the last minute expenses and have it safely. If possible split it among two or three people who are delegated for handling expenses and has been given authority to take decisions on expenditure.

On the wedding day:

Ask Close by Friends and Relatives to look out for the following tasks

  • Check the appropriate execution of all the events without any hassle as per the sequence
  • Make sure that guests are being picked up at the right time in the arranged vehicles and left in their respective accommodations that they do not face any problem.
  • Make sure that everything is running smoothly and in case of a mishap or any problem contact the point of contact person who is responsible for that particular department.
  • Make sure the security guards arrive on time to the venue to take care of their responsibilities. Guards need to watch out for suspicious people like freebies and thieves.
  • Make sure that bride and groom´s outfit, Jewels, presents, all rented items and other valuables are safe and let the respective close relative to take care of all these who has already been delegated for this.
  • Security Guards – To make sure the power generators are kept ready in the venue.

To increase the grandeur of the wedding you may also check the below list of items that can be added as a part of celebration. Here are the various other options for you to choose whichever is favorable for your event.

  1. Chocolate Fountain stall
  2. Pop-Corn Corner
  3. Chaat Corner
  4. Sweet/Candy Stalls of different varieties
  5. Icecream stall of different flavors
  6. Kulfi stall
  7. Cartoon Mascots for attracting the kids
  8. Cotton Candy
  9. Stage Magic show
  10. Close-Up Magic show
  11. Hollow man
  12. Portrait live drawing artist – Caricature
  13. Mehendhi & Tatoo
  14. Balloon shooting
  15. Juggling
  16. Ostrich dance
  17. Spring man act
  18. Balloon Sculpting
  19. Hula Hoop Dance
  20. B-Boying Dance
  21. 3D interactive Flooring
  22. Instant Photo Booth
  23. Ventriloquism
  24. Puppet Show
  25. Drummer Show
  26. Wish Board – To write wishes & greetings by the guests
  27. Look-alike artist entertainment fun show
Sample image for stall Activities

Sample image for stall Activities

List of stall Activities

List of Stall Activities

There are many other small nuances where an event manager can take care and handle It better if your wedding is contracted to them. It would be a better option for you to hire an event professionals like Chennai Event Emcees as your wedding Planner so that you can cherish every moment of your wedding day and all the worrier will be taken care by us.

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